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Intimate studio offering smaller class sizes
allowing for more individual attention

Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Wellness For Parkinson’s
Wake up to Yoga
Gentle Therapeutic Yoga 
Healthy Back-Strong Core
 Men’s Only Stretch
$10.00 p/class – 10 class package $100.00
$12.00 p/class – 5 class package $60.00
$14.00 – Single Class
First Class FREE

*2 weeks of unlimited yoga for $25.00 (1st time members only)
*Unlimited monthly classes for only $98.00 (new students only)
*Discounts given to Seniors and Military
*Now accepting some Health Plans through ASH LINK (Affinity Discount Program) such as:
Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, and Health Net. Check with your insurance company today or inquire within.
*Private/Semi-Private/Yoga Party pricing also available

Class Descriptions

GENTLE THERAPEUTIC YOGA-This class is a nice blend of slow moving gentle poses and the beauty of supported long passive holds with Restorative Yoga. Using breath work and guided meditation to help calm the mind, reduce stress, while allowing the body to release muscle tension. Effective for those recovering from or living with illness, injury or limited mobility. Modifications and props are used to support each individual’s needs. All are welcome.

HEALTHY BACK-STRONG CORE-Do you wake up each morning or end each day with an aching back? Do you suffer from chronic back pain? This class will help to alleviate discomfort, pain and weakness in the back. We focus on spinal health and alignment, releasing tight muscles that support the back, core stabilization and overall stretching.

STRETCHABILITY-Do you find flexibility to be a challenge? Are your muscles generally tight? Are you an athlete, runner, golfer or just generally active and don’t give yourself the time to stretch? Then this is a perfect class for you. The poses/stretches are held for a bit longer and focus is on elongating the muscles and injury prevention.

MEN’S ONLY STRETCH-This Men’s only class will cover the benefits of flexibility training for injury prevention, performance enhancement (golfers, runners, weight lifters etc..) and overall body support. It will be based on isolated areas such as tight shoulders, hips, back and hamstrings which tend to be over looked and over worked.

WAKE UP TO YOGA-VINYASA FLOW-The morning Vinyasa flow class warms the body through breath and movement in an active and dynamic way. Every class changes sequence incorporating beautiful, strong, powerful movements, in order to gain strength, flow and balance. Level 1-2

WELLNESS FOR PARKINSON’S-This class provides fitness and wellness support to enhance lives and reach optimal health of those affected by Parkinson’s, MS and any Neurological Disorder. We focus on ROM, Balance, Strength, Flexibility and proper alignment. Please join us today, this class is FREE.

GREET THE DAY YOGA-This class is towards improving the quality of life for those affected by cancer. Classes will provide a supportive environment on the journey to wellness and is open to all people affected with cancer including patients, survivors, caregivers, families and friends. It is for those who have never taken yoga before as well as the seasoned practitioner. Class is Free. Contact Kim at (949) 544-1483 or to find out more about Greet the Day and registering for this program.

THERAPEUTIC YOGA-For those of you suffering from Chronic Pain, Back Pain, Chronic Stress, Neck/Shoulder related issues, Insomnia (just to name a few) consider a private session of Therapeutic Yoga. There are many research studies available indicating the benefits of Therapeutic Yoga for many chronic health conditions. It helps provide relief of pain, more range of motion, lowers blood pressure and provides many more benefits to the body.


Have you ever thought of having a Yoga Party? It’s a fun and unique way to celebrate anything from a birthday, graduation, wedding shower, anniversary to just gathering your friends for a great time. No experience is required, the party format is set up to your own specifications. Call for more details.

 Relax…Rejuvenate…Be Strong…Breathe…