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A Fine Balance provides a comforting, safe and healing environment for you to practice yoga in a way that serves your needs. A therapeutic style is present in the offering of all classes with modifications available for those that would enjoy options for their practice.
Whether you’re a beginner, experienced yogi, an athlete, recovering from an injury or living with a special concern, classes are suitable for everyone regardless of experience, age or stage of life.
See our Workshops & Events page for information on special events.


Class Schedule

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Rise & Shine Gentle Flow
Therapeutic Yoga Stretch
Therapeutic Yoga Stretch
Nutrition Workshop
(1st Tues of the month)
Yoga for Back Care
Nutrition Workshop
(1st Tues of the month)
Gentle Yoga
Yoga Nidra/Meditation
(2nd-last Thursday)
Sound Healing
(1st Thurs. of the month)

Class Pricing

For first-time members only

$12 per class; Expiration 3 mos

$10 per class; Expiration 6 mos

• First Class FREE

• 2 weeks of unlimited yoga for $25.00

(First time members only)

• Discounts given to Seniors, Teachers, and Military

• Private/Semi-Private/Yoga Party pricing also available

• GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for purchase in any amount you’d like. They can be used for anything offered at the studio.


Relax…Rejuvenate…Be Strong…Breathe…

Class Descriptions


This class focuses on spinal health, alignment and stress reduction, releasing tight muscles that support the back, core stabilization and overall stretching. Using breath work, meditation and relaxation to help alleviate discomfort, pain and weakness in the back.
Yoga can reduce tension and tightness that contribute to the sensations of pain in the back, improve posture, strengthen the abdominal muscles and open the hips and hamstrings.
(Please consult a physician before starting a yoga practice.)


This class blends gentle poses, core stabilization, breath work and relaxation to reduce stress and help balance the mind and body. It is particularly effective for those are new to yoga, recovering from or living with injury or illness, or want a slower gentler practice to open and awaken your body and mind. This class explores the fundamentals of yoga combining elements of yin, restorative and therapeutic yoga.
Poses are adaptive for all abilities and props are used for comfort, which make an excellent choice for muscle or joint stiffness, pregnancy or other physical limitations.
No experience necessary.


Come and unwind and let go after a long day’s work. This class blends gently paced poses focusing on alignment, balance and breath work. It is effective for those preferring a more mindful practice guiding you though a deeper relaxation, helping to reduce stress and tension in the mind and body.
Modifications and props are used to support individual needs.
Appropriate for all levels from the beginner to the more advanced practitioner.


Start off your morning with this energizing Vinyasa flow! This class is designed to awaken and strengthen the body and mind helping to prepare for the day ahead. You’ll build strength and stamina, linking movement to breath, creating balance between Vinyasa and longer classic Hatha Yoga poses.
This is a Level 1-2 class


Enjoy a present moment practice of meditation to help support you through the stressors of life. You’ll be guided and supported to help reduce anxiety, improve mood and compassion towards self and others. Open to all

Yoga Nidra is the practice of ‘yogic sleep’ or sleep with full awareness. This style of relaxation can help alleviate stress, tension, anxiety, and pain. The class begins with 20 minutes of very gentle yoga (no experience necessary) to allow the mind and body to settle into a restorative pose, preparing you for Yoga Nidra. You will then be resting comfortably and guided into a relaxing meditation.


Experience the power of sound & vibrational therapy. It is a powerful tool that can positively influence your entire being and has been around for thousands of years. The sounds the crystal singing bowls create seemingly vibrate every cell in your body, changing the brainwaves by the listener out of his/her current state and into a more relaxed, meditative state thereby supporting, healing and creating balance in the mind/body. The various tones and healing vibrations of Crystal Sound Bowls provide deep relaxation, release chronic tension and stress supporting healing and balance to bring you into a restful state.
No experience necessary, appropriate for all levels.




ALL Classes are designed to meet the individual needs of the students and to harness the healing power of yoga.